Pay Points

A solid payment policy helps to keep your practice or medspa on track.
Pay Points

Payment policies for aesthetic services are more akin to booking a luxury cruise than buying a car. You can’t repossess a facelift, so it only makes sense to require payment in advance and to charge a substantial booking fee. The business of medical aesthetics may seem straightforward—you provide a service, the patient pays a fee—but the reality of patient billing is more complicated. For example, how do you handle payment for procedures like neurotoxin or filler injections that may vary by appointment? Do you charge for consultations and no-shows?

Modernizing Medicine Acquires Aesyntix

Electronic health record developer Modernizing Medicine has completed its purchase of Aesyntix Health, a California-based firm that provides billing and inventory services to healthcare professionals. In addition to the cloud-based Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA), Modernizing Medicine is now able to offer customers revenue cycle management, inventory management and a medical group purchasing organization.