Sebacia Demonstrates 85 Percent Improvement in Acne at 12 Months

Sebacia Real World Results

Sebacia, a privately held, commercial-stage dermatology and aesthetics company, announced new results from its real-world study in Europe evaluating Sebacia Microparticles for treatment of acne. The study demonstrated an average 85 percent improvement in facial acne at 12 months.

Sebacia Microparticles were cleared in 2018 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as an accessory to 1,064nm lasers to facilitate photothermal heating of sebaceous glands for the treatment of mild-to-moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris.

New Acne Topical Now Available in the U. S.

New Tretinoin-based topical

Ortho Dermatologics, the dermatology division of Bausch Health Companies, has announced the U.S. launch of ALTRENO (tretinoin) Lotion, 0.05% for the topical treatment of acne vulgaris in patients 9 years of age and older. In clinical trials, ALTRENO Lotion was shown to be effective and generally well tolerated. The formulation includes known moisturizers hyaluronic acid, glycerin and collagen.

Sebacia Microparticles Promoted as Contrast Enhancing Agents

Histopathology showing microparticles in skin

Sebacia, the developer of Sebacia Microparticles, which are being investigated for use in acne and laser hair removal, presented new data on the feasibility of using the microparticles as an adjunct to existing imaging modalities to measure hair follicles and sweat glands during the 2018 American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) conference in April.

RETIN-A MICRO 0.06% Now Available To Physicians

New acne treatment available

Topical acne treatment, RETIN-A MICRO (tretinoin) gel microsphere 0.06% from Ortho Dermatologics, is now available commercially to healthcare professionals. The gel features a microsponge delivery system technology that helps to control the release of tretinoin and improve photostability, plus a pump dispenser for controlled and consistent dosing. Clinical data provided to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration showed 98.7% (252/255) and 94% (210/224) of patients found RETIN-A-MICRO to be tolerable.

MDacne Launches Mobile Acne Analysis App With Customizable Skincare Line

Dermatologist and software engineer launch at-home acne care platform

Dermatologist Yoram Harth, MD, and his son, Oded Harth, a software engineer, have launched MDacne, a mobile acne analysis app that ties into a customized acne treatment product line.

Users who download the app can take a picture of themselves on their mobile devices. The platform then uses proprietary computer vision technology to assess the user’s skin and recommends a customized kit of anti-acne topicals. MDacne subscribers can chat with a dermatologist through the app, track their skin's improvement, and read free tips on how to reduce breakouts.

Skin Care: Calming Blemish Control

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Salicylic acid treatment

Formulated to clear blemishes and improve acne-prone skin, dm Skincare Salicylic Acid Treatment 30% from Dermamed Solutions dissolves sebum and penetrates the hair follicles to clear pores. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the acid help to calm sensitive skin while preventing future breakouts. Additional ingredient Pentavitin adds moisture to keep skin hydrated. Contact: 610.579.6065,

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Photothermolysis With Silver Particles

Two small-scale studies highlight the potential of silver particles to improve the efficacy of laser hair removal and light-based acne treatments.
MedEsthetics July/August 2017 Newsmakers

As aesthetic treatments become more varied and efficacious, there remain some key gaps in treatment options. For example, laser hair removal is one of the most pop­ular services offered in aesthetic practices and medspas, yet permanent hair reduction is not an option for those with blonde and red hair. Dermatologists have long sought an alternative to systemic treatments for those with moderate-to-severe acne, and while laser treatments have shown promise, their efficacy is short-lived and inconsistent.