American Skin Association

ASA Awards 13 Grants for Skin Cancer and Disease Research

The American Skin Association (ASA) has awarded 13 financial grants to support research on skin cancer and skin disease. For more than 30 years, the ASA and its affiliates—including individuals, foundations and corporations—have funded in excess of $50 million in grants to enhance treatments and continue working towards cures for melanoma, vitiligo, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases.

ASA Announces Grant Winners

On March 7, the American Skin Association (ASA) announced the funding of 13 new research grants for 2018. The ASA awards research grants each year to established investigators studying melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancer and skin diseases. The 2018 recipients include:

Carolyn Lee, MD, PhD, Stanford University
ASA Milstein Research Scholar Award in Melanoma/Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer for “Non-Coding Driver Mutations in High-Risk Skin Cancer”

American Skin Association Honors Three at 30-Year Celebration

On Monday, March 27, the American Skin Association (ASA) celebrated its 30 years anniversary by presenting awards to three honorees who have made a significant impact in the areas of skin health and research. The ASA and its affiliates have funded more than $50 million in grants to support the work of more than 300 promising young scientists. In addition, the organization works to educate the public on skin health through its ASA Education Council. Monday night's honorees included:

American Skin Association Honors Outstanding Dermatology Researchers

The American Skin Association (ASA), a collaboration of patients, families, advocates, physicians and scientists working together to increase awareness of skin disease, honored outstanding dermatology researchers during the recent Annual Meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology. David A. Norris, MD, chair of ASA’s Medical Advisory Committee, presented the David Martin Carter Mentor Award to Howard P. Baden, MD, professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School and dermatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

George Hambrick, Jr., MD: In Memoriam

George Hambrick, Jr., MD: In Memoriam

George Hambrick, Jr., MD, dermatologist and co-founder of the American Skin Association, passed away in his home in Charlottesville, Virginia, on December 10 at the age of 91. Dr. Hambrick devoted more than 50 years to helping advance the study and teaching of dermatology, heading dermatology departments at three university medical schools.
Dr. Hambrick was a native of Charlottesville, and attended Concord College (now Concord University) in West Virginia and the University of Virginia School of Medicine.