Sunscreen for Rejuvenation

A recent study showed that daily sun protection does more than prevent photodamage; it helps reverse it.
Michael Southall on sunscreen's rejuvenating effects.

Daily sunscreen use is one the most powerful tools available to protect against the signs of aging. Skincare professionals have been saying this for years, yet consumers—even those most concerned with the appearance of aging—have been slow to adopt daily usage. So how can you convince your patients to get serious about sun protection? A growing body of clinical evidence showing that daily sunscreen use not only prevents photodamage but also rejuvenates skin—reducing fine lines, fading pigmentation and softening skin texture—may be the answer.

Retinoids Effective in Reducing Melasma

A new topical product featuring a combination of retinoids offers results comparable to hydroquinone in patients with facial melasma. Maria Teresa Truchuelo MD, PhD, Natalia Jimenez, MD, and Pedro Jaen, MD, PhD, of the dermatology department at University Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid, Spain, performed a prospective, double-blind, vehicle-controlled, and randomized study in 30 patients with melasma. Sibjects applied the combination retinoid product on one side of their faces and the vehicle on the other. Product was applied twice daily for three months.

A.G.E. Skin Defense Cream

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A.G.E. Skin Defense Cream

A.G.E. Skin Defense Cream from GMC Medical combines 10 antioxidants and eight peptides to protect skin and combat the signs of aging. Key actives include: Matrixyl 3000 and rice peptides to improve skin elasticity; antioxidants sophora japonica flower extract and vitamins C and E to protect skin and improve skin brightness; peptide Q10 to boost endogenous synthesis of coenzyme Q10; and acetyl hexapeptide-51 amide to repair UV-induced DNA damage. Contact: 800.341.1531,

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BBL Rejuvenates Aged Skin

For the first time, researchers use gene sequencing technology to study the effects of broadband light on skin aging.
BBL Rejuvenates Aged Skin

“Clinical and histological studies have been showing the rejuvenating effects of broadband light (BBL) for some time, but this is the first study to show rejuvenation at the genetic level,” says Hayes Gladstone, MD, Berman Gladstone Skin Institute, Palo Alto, California.

HA + Mannitol Improves Skin Texture and Hydration

French researchers led by Maryna Taieb, MD, compared two injection techniques to determine the efficacy of 13.5mg/g uncross-linked hyaluronic acid combined with 0.9% mannitol (Juvederm Hydrate) on skin hydration and elasticity. The study—which appears in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (June 2012)—involved four centers and a total of 34 female subjects. Group one consisted of 27 patients injected using a depot injection technique. Group two included seven subjects who received superficial dermis injections using the picotage technique.