California Advances Bill To Limit Drugmaker Payments to Physicians

CA State Advances Bill To Limit Pharmaceutical Payments to Physicians

On May 18, 2017, the California State Senate approved SB 790 (Health care providers: gifts and benefits), a bill that prohibits manufacturers of prescribed products from offering or providing gifts to healthcare providers. The bill defines a gift as “anything of value provided for free to a healthcare provider, or a payment, food, entertainment, travel, subscription, advance, service, or anything else of value provided to a healthcare provider, unless it is a specified allowable expenditure or the healthcare provider reimburses the cost at fair market value.”

AmSpa Warns California Medical Spas of New Audits

AmSpa Warns California Medical Spas of New Audits

In response to concerns over medical spas operating outside the bounds of California law, the Medical Board of California, in coordination with the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology of California, has been conducting unannounced audits on medical spas across the state. The audits, which can result in significant monetary fines and even criminal penalties, are focusing on organizational structure, governance, and scope of practice concerns, with particular attention to the unlicensed practice of medicine.