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Practice Marketing: Community Networking

Maximize your local networking efforts by setting goals and tracking outcomes.
MedEsthetics May/June 2017

Networking—a process by which one develops contacts and exchanges information with other people solely for the purposes of developing one’s business—is effective because it creates personal bonds based on trust and admiration. Conferences and professional associations provide valuable networking opportunities for physicians because they allow you to develop relationships that increase referrals, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Your local community also offers a plethora of networking opportunities through which you can grow your practice.

Practice Management: Pruning Your Money Tree

Improve your bottom line by identifying and eliminating poorly performing products and services
Identify and eliminate slow-selling procedures and products

As any good gardener knows, in order to have a healthy tree that bears plentiful, quality fruit, the tree must be regularly pruned. This holds true for businesses as well. In order to maintain a healthy bottom line, practice owners must be willing to cut away the deadwood in their facilities—those products and services that simply don’t carry their weight. Offerings that are not selling and those that contribute a below average return on investment (ROI) can damage cash flow—and your business overall.

Practice Building: Professional Networking

Face-to-face networking is an inexpensive way to materially grow your practice.
Practice Building: Professional Networking

Networking is a low-budget, high-impact way to grow your practice. It is one of the most effective practice-building tools available, because it creates personal bonds that lead to trusted referrals. To be successful, networking efforts must be targeted toward building reciprocal relationships. It is all about how you can help others, as well as how others can help you.

It's Your Line

Private label products are a natural fit for physicians who want to expand their brands.
Private Label Skin Care

Branding and marketing are key components to building a successful medical aesthetics practice. An investment in a private label, physician-branded skincare line that carries your logo is a logical extension of your practice’s offerings. You can choose the products and ingredients that you feel are most effective. Patients will need to purchase the products directly from your practice, which helps to build loyalty and provides more opportunities to cross-sell services. Additionally, private label products can offer a more attractive profit margin than branded lines.

Branding Your Practice

Developing a brand for your practice pays off in more qualified leads and increased patient satisfaction.
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Branding Your Practice

When properly managed, a practice’s brand is one of its most valuable assets. Building and promoting a unique identity—known in the trade as “branding”—is a technique all businesses and individuals can use to effectively market themselves and their services. As a physician, your personal brand sends a clear, consistent message about who you are and what you have to offer. It sets you apart from every other physician in your specialty and can help position you as a niche expert.

Optimize Your Patient Base

Optimize your patient base

Cheryl Whitman, author and owner of Beautiful Forever Consulting, offers practitioners three steps to cost effectively build their patient bases.
Ask for Referrals. There is no marketing tool more powerful than a recommendation from a satisfied patient. Yet physicians are often reluctant to ask for referrals. Create an office protocol where satisfied patients are asked to write a short testimonial about their experiences, record a brief video or even take cards to share with their friends.