Recruitment Strategies

Practitioners share their protocols for finding high-quality employment candidates.
Recruitment Strategies

Attracting a qualified and hard-working prospective employee involves more than just putting an ad on a website. The key to finding the ideal candidate for your practice is to use all of the resources available, including existing staff, industry contacts and job boards. On the following pages, practice owners share their strategies for recruiting top-notch personnel who will support practice success and provide care that keeps patients coming back.

Legal Issues: Employee Verification

Background checks help ensure the safety and financial well-being of your medical practice.
Employee Verification

Because employees of medical practices and medspas have easy access to patient information, employers must conscientiously verify information provided by applicants. One way to decrease the risk of hiring staff members who may jeopardize patient or practice safety is to perform reference and background checks. Some of the key areas medical practices are wise to review include: past employment history, educational experience and credentials, credit history, and civil and criminal records.

The Search Is On

Tips to attract and retain motivated employees who will help grow your practice.
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In this ultra-competitive industry, where patients entrust their looks and their lives to their doctors’ care, it is of the utmost importance that practice owners bring in employees who are conscientious, caring and highly motivated. We spoke with industry experts who shared their tactics for attracting, recognizing and retaining topnotch team members. Gone are the days of standard interviews that start with a simple “Tell me about yourself.” Welcome to a new era of guerilla networking, social media and unique compensatory tools that help businesses corral the best and the brightest.