James Fulton

In Memoriam

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James Edwin Fulton, MD

The world of clinical skin care lost two of its innovators and pioneers this month. Dermatologist and founder of Vivant Skin Care James Edwin Fulton, Jr., MD, died last week. He was 73. Surrounded by his wife of 44 years, Vivant Skin Care President Sara M. Fulton, daughter and CEO Kelly Fulton-Kendrick, daughter Susan Fulton-Arregui, son James Edwin Fulton, III and son George Jacob Fulton, Fulton succumbed to colon cancer at Mercy Hospital in Miami.


Getting Better with Age

Efficacy and evolving formulations have made retinoids a cornerstone of acne and antiaging care for more than 40 years.

Retinoids burst onto the scene in 1969, literally inflaming patients as a powerful new tool to wipe out acne. Now in their 40s and buffered by anti-inflammatory ingredients, new delivery systems and a greater understanding of what it takes to achieve efficacy, these ubiquitious, vitamin A-based active ingredients are more popular than ever for an expanding array of indications.