Legal Issues: Mitigating Losses

Legal guidance to help practices mitigate coronavirus-related losses and return safely to work.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted virtually every American industry. In many instances, state and local shutdown orders have required businesses to close, and even “essential” businesses have encountered difficulties based on workplace safety concerns, failures in supply chains, and reductions in demand resulting from changed customer behaviors and spending habits.

Legal Issues: Physician Gifts

Giving and receiving gifts poses both ethical and legal concerns for physicians.
Regulations on physician gift giving and receipt

Giving and receiving gifts is a normal occurrence in most people’s personal and professional lives. Yet, physicians are restricted from most forms of gift giving and receiving under both state and federal regulations.

Legal Issues: Understanding MSOs

Management Service Organizations offer a path to nonphysician medspa ownership.
MedEsthetics May/June 2017 Legal Issues

DUE TO CORPORATE practice of medicine doctrines, in most states the owners of facilities that perform medical procedures must be either physicians or physician-owned corporations. However, there is a path to medspa ownership by which nonphysicians can manage medspas. It is called a management service organization (MSO) and, while it still relies on the participation of a physician, it allows nonphysicians to take on a very significant role in the day-to-day operations of a medical aesthetic business.

Allergan Files Lawsuit Against Valeant and Pershing Square

Allergan Files Lawsuit Against Valeant and Pershing Square

Allergan has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Central District of California against Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Pershing Square Capital Management and its principal, William A. Ackman, alleging that Valeant, Pershing Square and Mr. Ackman violated federal securities laws prohibiting insider trading, engaged in other fraudulent practices, and failed to disclose legally required information.

Identifying Employment Status

The distinction between part-time and full-time employees isn’t always clear.

Your staff is the lifeblood of your practice. They are the first and last contact your patients have with your facility. They vary in age, gender, experience and definitely in personality. But they may also vary in their work statuses.
What may at first seem like a straightforward categorization of which associates work 40 or more hours each week and which ones work fewer hours is actually more nuanced. The following is a refresher on part-time and full-time rules as well as an introduction to the latest laws.

Defining Part-Time and Full-Time Employment

Legal Issues: Resale Equipment

There are several factors to consider before purchasing or selling a used medical device.
Legal Issues: Resale Equipment

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of aesthetic practitioners and procedures in recent years. This has created a corresponding increase in the number of medical devices that are being purchased and sold on the “resale” market.
Purchasing a secondhand device creates an excellent opportunity to integrate a new procedure into an aesthetic medical facility, since the cost may be significantly lower for resale equipment. However, there are many issues that should be considered prior to such a purchase.