Candela Launches Exceed Microneedling System in U.S.

Candela To Commercialize MT.DERM Systems

Candela Corporation is now offering the Exceed Microneedling device for the treatment of wrinkles and facial acne scars. The company recently entered into an exclusive collaboration agreement with MT.DERM GmbH for the commercialization of its medical microneedling products. Under the terms of the agreement, Candela will commercialize the Exceed medical microneedling system globally, with an initial launch in the United States. The agreement may be expanded with additional products in the future.

Targeted Delivery

The most promising aesthetic indications for laser- and microneedling-assisted topical delivery.
MedEsthetics March 2019

Laser-assisted drug delivery is being used in multiple specialties to improve outcomes and enhance the efficacy of topical medications. In aesthetics, practitioners are delivering topicals, such as platelet-rich plasma, active skincare ingredients and prescriptions, including minoxidil and bleaching agents, through the microchannels created by fractional ablative laser and microneedling.

Syneron-Candela Unveils New Technology and Indications at AAD Annual Meeting

Syneron-Candela revealed updates to its GentleTouch, PicoWay and Profound technologies during the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) meeting in Orlando, Florida.

The GentleTouch solid-state laser system has added CE mark approval to its FDA clearance and joins the company’s portfolio as the only device to combine alexandrite and radiofrequency (RF) energies for hair reduction. The system includes patent-pending EverCool, a contact-cooling method cleared for hair removal on all skin types.

Opening Channels

Microneedling is experiencing a huge resurgence as a more affordable alternative to laser resurfacing.
Opening Channels

“The Next Big Thing.” “2016’s Trending Skincare Treatment.” “Our New Favorite Skincare Procedure.” Even if you didn’t see these headlines, you have likely experienced an increase in patients asking about microneedling. Although the procedure has been around for decades, it has recently become a media darling.

Determining Microneedling Depth

Determining Microneedling Depth

Practitioners should be aware that electric microneedling device length settings do not always correspond to actual depth of penetration. For “Micro-Needling Depth Penetration, Presence of Pigment Particles, and Fluorescein-Stained Platelets: Clinical Usage for Aesthetic Concerns” (Aesthetic Surgery Journal, January 2017), Gordon H. Sasaki, MD, used excised, microneedled pre-auricular skin to determine actual depths of tissue penetration with six needle lengths.

Making Waves

Fractional and microneedle RF devices offer some unique benefits for aesthetic practices.
Making Waves

Among the latest tools in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine are fractional radiofrequency (RF) devices, which excel at addressing acne scarring, striae and mild to moderate wrinkling in patients of all skin types. Fractional RF uses an electrode matrix designed to create zones of thermal wounds surrounded by unaffected tissue. Like fractional lasers, the thermal wounds stimulate dermal remodeling while the healthy surrounding tissue helps promote healing.