Patient financing

CareCredit Expands To Spa Market

Patient-financing company CareCredit is expanding its services into the day spa and medical spa markets. As part of this new program, CareCredit has partnered with the American Med Spa Association and the Spa Industry Association to help spa industry professionals make their services more accessible to clients by offering financing and also by expanding their potential client bases to CareCredit’s 11 million existing cardholders.

Pay Points

A solid payment policy helps to keep your practice or medspa on track.
Pay Points

Payment policies for aesthetic services are more akin to booking a luxury cruise than buying a car. You can’t repossess a facelift, so it only makes sense to require payment in advance and to charge a substantial booking fee. The business of medical aesthetics may seem straightforward—you provide a service, the patient pays a fee—but the reality of patient billing is more complicated. For example, how do you handle payment for procedures like neurotoxin or filler injections that may vary by appointment? Do you charge for consultations and no-shows?

Buy Now, Pay Later

Understanding today’s patient financing options.
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The sputtering economy combined with a continued demand for elective procedures have led many practitioners to embrace new and adaptive patient financing options. Third-party financing companies allow practices to collect payment for services rendered in a timely fashion while patients are afforded the opportunity to spread out payments over time.