EndyMed iFine Safe and Effective for Periorbital Treatments

EndyMed iFine Safe and Effective for Periorbital Treatments

In a study published in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (September 2015), Isabelle Rousseaux, MD, treated periorbital signs of aging in 11 subjects using the EndyMed PRO treatment platform with the iFine handpiece (EndyMed Medical). The iFine handpiece is specially designed to deliver multi-source phase-controlled RF to the delicate eye area.

Eye-Opening Combinations

Physicians are working with neurotoxins, dermal fillers and energy devices to synergistically rejuvenate the entire periorbital area.
Eye-Opening  Combinations

In the January 2015 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Manhattan plastic surgeon Michael A. Kane, MD, argues that when it comes to nonsurgical periorbital and brow rejuvenation, the best results come from using multiple modalities to treat the full range of concerns at once rather than singling out just one. We spoke with five prominent aesthetic practitioners who agree that today’s patients achieve the best results when treated with a combination of muscle-relaxing neurotoxins, versatile dermal fillers and energy-based devices.

Periorbital Revolution

The scalpel is no longer the only weapon to fight the signs of periorbital aging
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Crow’s feet and glabellar furrows dig in for the siege. Dispigmentation, unsightly veins and dark undereye circles take up offensive positions. Then the truly frightening enemies start their advance. Brows and lashes thin and fade; lids get heavier and begin to sag; bags develop under the eyes; and the surrounding skin becomes thin and crepey. Most women begin to camouflage these flaws long before they’re ready for blepharoplasty. Even those who would never consider cosmetic surgery happily spend whatever they can afford to defend themselves against these distressing signs of aging.