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Interactive Display Merges In-Office and Online Retail Capabilities

Interactive retail and online shopping display

A new interactive display designed to support in-office dispensing and private label retail sales is now available to aesthetic practices. The microPharmacy Touch from microPharmacy Corp. merges in-office product dispensing with online retailing, educational videos and personalized patient engagement. The nearly 5-foot-tall display features a 43- inch touchscreen, stereo speakers, camera and microphone to create a fully immersive in-office experience.

Local Politics

Staying abreast of state and municipal legislation can benefit both your profession and your practice.
MedEsthetics October 2019

Significant interest is paid to national legislation. Professional associations often organize advocacy committees to give testimony to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and employ lobbyists to craft and shape federal policy. But if you want to have an impact on the legislation that is most likely to affect your practice and profession, such as reimbursement rates, licensure, liability, and employee costs and benefits, you need to look a little closer to home—at state and municipal government.

Tackling Burnout in Your Practice

Thriving in Healthcare

Burnout is a significant problem facing the healthcare industry, and it’s a concern practices and healthcare organizations cannot afford to ignore. Provider and staff burnout affects safety, quality of care, the patient experience and financial performance. So how can you help your employees—and yourself—maintain the passion, focus and energy required to deliver optimal care?

Resilience experts Gary R. Simonds, MD, MHCDS, and Wayne M. Sotile, PhD, authors of the new book Thriving in Healthcare: A Positive Approach to Reclaim Balance and Avoid Burnout in Your Busy Life

Online Business Platform for Aesthetic Practices Now Live

Practice Management e-Platform

The Aesthetic Business Institute (ABI) has launched an online educational platform for aesthetic industry members. The platform provides resources for physicians, practice managers and the growing number of entrepreneurial business owners within the aesthetic industry. As an e-learning consortium and membership-based platform, ABI is designed to provide its members with business intelligence tools, industry research, turnkey operational and financial guidance, and a unique practice management certification curriculum to help medspa and practice owners develop and/or grow their businesses.

A Clear Vision

At an early age, Emily Kirby, MD, discovered the career road she wanted to travel—and that has made all the difference.
A Clear Vision

Plastic surgeon Emily Kirby, MD, was 5 years old when she first told her mother she was going to be a doctor. “She says she kept waiting for me to change my mind, but I never did,” recalls Dr. Kirby.

Practice Checkup

A regular review of key aspects of your business will help you retain existing patients and attract new ones.
MedEsthetics July/August 2019

Just as people need annual checkups as well as healthy daily habits to operate at their peak, medspas and aesthetic practices should conduct regular evaluations to ensure their businesses are in the best possible shape. While some areas of attention need to be as routine as, say, brushing our teeth, others can be tended to on a slightly less frequent basis, much like annual health screenings.

Telemedicine (R)evolution

Patients are demanding more virtual healthcare options, and it’s time to listen.
MedEsthetics April 2019

As tools such as online banking, shopping and travel booking have become commonplace, more and more consumers expect the same convenience from their physicians. Telemedicine offers “immense” advantages to patients, says Karen Edison, MD, chair of the department of dermatology at the University of Missouri School of Medicine in Columbia, Missouri. She has been offering telehealth services for more than 20 years and also served as director of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) 2019 teledermatology course.

Practice Management: Lease Renewals

Renegotiating lease terms can transform the financials of your practice. Here’s how to make sure you’re on the winning end.
MedEsthetics March 2019

It’s time to renew your lease. Are you ready to negotiate? If you’re like many practice owners, the answer is no. “Lease renewals are the No. 1 transaction in all of commercial real estate—for every new lease, there are 20 or 30 lease renewals happening—but it is the transaction that often receives the least amount of attention,” says Colin Carr, founder and CEO of CARR Healthcare, a nationwide commercial tenant brokerage based in Denver.

Practice By Design

Determining the right look, ambience and layout for your aesthetic practice.
MedEsthetics Jan/Feb 2019

When we think of of medical facilities, we often think of stark green walls lined by straight-backed chairs, a messy pile of outdated magazines and the strong smell of antiseptic. But that kind of forbidding vibe has no place in an aesthetic practice.

“Many aesthetic practices are cash-based; there is a higher level of expectation of service,” says Francis X. Acunzo, CEO of Acara Partners, an aesthetic medical business development firm in Branford, Connecticut.