InMode Introduces EmbraceRF for Facial Contouring

FaceTite + Morpheus8 for Facial Contouring

InMode Aesthetic Solutions has launched EmbraceRF, a minimally invasive facial contouring treatment that combines two of the company’s proprietary technologies: FaceTite and Morpheus8. FaceTite features an internal probe that is placed in the subcutaneous adipose layer and an external probe that makes contact with the skin. Electrodes apply RF energy to all tissue between the probes. The Morpheus8 is applied externally to mold the fat subdermally.

Noninvasive Skin Tightening: The Heat Is On

Options, abilities and limitations of noninvasive skin-tightening devices.
MedEsthetics April 2018

It has been more than 15 years since Thermage, the first radiofrequency (RF)-based noninvasive skin-tightening device, entered the United States market. In the years since, demand for noninvasive skin tightening and lifting procedures has skyrocketed, bringing dozens of competitors to the market. New iterations include RF devices that deliver treatment with less pain, ultrasound-based treatments, and minimally invasive systems that deliver energy to the skin’s lower layers through microneedles or wands.

Syneron-Candela Unveils New Technology and Indications at AAD Annual Meeting

Syneron-Candela revealed updates to its GentleTouch, PicoWay and Profound technologies during the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) meeting in Orlando, Florida.

The GentleTouch solid-state laser system has added CE mark approval to its FDA clearance and joins the company’s portfolio as the only device to combine alexandrite and radiofrequency (RF) energies for hair reduction. The system includes patent-pending EverCool, a contact-cooling method cleared for hair removal on all skin types.

Making Waves

Fractional and microneedle RF devices offer some unique benefits for aesthetic practices.
Making Waves

Among the latest tools in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine are fractional radiofrequency (RF) devices, which excel at addressing acne scarring, striae and mild to moderate wrinkling in patients of all skin types. Fractional RF uses an electrode matrix designed to create zones of thermal wounds surrounded by unaffected tissue. Like fractional lasers, the thermal wounds stimulate dermal remodeling while the healthy surrounding tissue helps promote healing.