Go Your Own Way

Launching a private label line.
The pros and cons of private label skin care.

Retail skincare products offer several benefits to aesthetic patients and practices. They help patients protect the health of their skin and maintain the results of in-office treatments, while providing an additional source of ongoing revenue for the practice. The challenge is that with so many online and brick-and-mortar retailers offering high-end skin care, patients naturally shop for the best deals on their favorite brands.

Do Try This At Home!

Tracking sales and reviewing your treatment menu are key to building and maintaining strong retail sales.
Do Try This At Home!

Cosmetic practices and medspas have been hearing for years about the benefits of retailing skincare products. They improve and prolong the results of in-office treatments, boost your bottom line and are a natural fit because patients want professional recommendations from their aesthetic providers. These statements are true, yet they do little to ease the frustration of owners and managers as they face shelves of unsold products and watch patients move online to search for better deals on the lines thoughtfully recommended by staff.

The Perfect Complement

Offering retail cosmetics and makeup services benefits both your patients and your practice.
The Perfect Complement

Medical aesthetics is increasingly becoming a multi-service market where providers address all manner of skin conditions through a variety of complementary procedures. In today’s environment, practice owners must consider how to offer patients a complete aesthetic package that leaves them feeling confident and happy.

New Retail Paradigm

Many cosmetic practices have limited success in selling skincare products. That may change with Leslie Baumann, MD’s new franchise system.
New Retail Paradigm

The Skin Type Solutions (TSTS) Franchise System introduced by Leslie Baumann, MD, at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) in March 2015 is a turnkey skincare retail concept designed to help physicians reap maximum patient satisfaction and profitability with minimal overhead, inventory and effort.

It's Your Line

Private label products are a natural fit for physicians who want to expand their brands.
Private Label Skin Care

Branding and marketing are key components to building a successful medical aesthetics practice. An investment in a private label, physician-branded skincare line that carries your logo is a logical extension of your practice’s offerings. You can choose the products and ingredients that you feel are most effective. Patients will need to purchase the products directly from your practice, which helps to build loyalty and provides more opportunities to cross-sell services. Additionally, private label products can offer a more attractive profit margin than branded lines.

Designed To Sell

A few tweaks to the design of your retail area can increase sales without alienating patients.
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Designed to sell

Retail sales have not historically played a large role in medical practices. But they are a natural fit for medical aesthetic practices and medspas. Spa surveys have shown that more than 80% of skincare clients who leave a facility without buying a product for home use will purchase at least one skincare product in a drugstore or a department store within 24 hours. If a practice is not offering retail, it is creating a need for homecare products then sending its patients off to a competitor to buy them.