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Practice Marketing With Instagram

Building your patient base through Instagram.
MedEsthetics March 2019

Instagram has become wildly popular in recent years. Today it boasts 1 billion active users—30 percent of whom are between 25 and 34 years old. The visual focus of this photo- and video-sharing social networking site is a natural fit for the medical aesthetics industry and offers fertile marketing ground for practices that want to reach out to young adults interested in looking and feeling their best.

Guidelines for the Use of Patient Videos on Social Media

Guidelines for sharing patient videos on social media

Members of Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Division of Plastic Surgery have developed a proposed set of guidelines for plastic surgeons relating to the use of patient videos on social media. For “The Ethics of Sharing Plastic Surgery Videos on Social Media: Systematic Literature Review, Ethical Analysis, and Proposed Guidelines,”, published in the October 2017 issue of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Robert G. Dorfman, MSc; Elbert E.

Social Media Policies

Creating an effective and legally enforceable social media policy for employees.
Social Media Policies

Who would you rather have working at your practice or medspa—an employee who is always sneaking onto Facebook between patients or one who uses their downtime productively? How about someone who uses Twitter to blast complaints about their team members out to the public versus an employee who brings concerns to you directly?

HIPAA and Social Media

Practitioners must take care to protect patient privacy when interacting on social media.
HIPAA and Social Media

Like millions of other businesses, medical aesthetic practices and medspas often use social media channels—such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram—to increase brand awareness, promote new services, and strengthen the bond between providers and patrons. Unlike other service- and product-based businesses, medical practices and medspas are bound by patient privacy regulations set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). And it is shockingly easy for a practice to expose itself to HIPAA violations through social media activity.

Marketing Minute: Breathe life into your social media

Nancy Trent, Trent & Company

By Nancy Trent
President, Trent & Company Marketing Communications

Some brands thrive on social media, while others consider it a necessary evil. If your practice or medspa is in the latter category, you are likely doing what we call “check-the-box” social media marketing—making periodic updates with specials and holiday wishes. But if you’re ready to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to start genuinely engaging your target audience online.

Leveraging Social Media

A basic understanding of social media is vital to the continued growth of your medical aesthetic practice.

Practices that are questioning the value of social media marketing may want to consider the following numbers. In October 2012, Facebook topped 1 billion users with 600 million mobile users. Twitter has 140 million users with an average of 125 followers each. Pinterest, now the third largest social media channel in the United States, boasts a membership that is 60% female.