Practice Management: Better Communication

How to establish a culture of healthy communication and collaboration in your practice.
MedEsthetics November/December 2019

Patients of physicians with a high number of co-worker reports about unprofessional behavior are at a significantly increased risk of surgical and medical complications, according to a June 19, 2019 paper published in JAMA Surgery. The study authors recommend that healthcare organizations foster better communication and collaboration, as failing to do so could undermine their cultures of safety, threaten teamwork and increase patients’ risks for adverse outcomes.

A Customer-Centric Team

Outstanding customer service is what differentiates cosmetic medicine from clinical practice, and it requires team buy-in.
A Customer-Centric Team

My team and I visit medical aesthetic practices and medspas nationwide on a regular basis. Frequently, we are there to assess the business and help it grow its presence within the local market. Almost 100% of the time, the quality of clinical services is outstanding; however, the quality of the customer service is only fair.