AMA Issues Practice Reopening Checklist for Physicians

As cities and states begin to relax stay at home orders and allow nonessential businesses to reopen, the American Medical Association (AMA) has published a Physician Guide to Reopening Practices. It includes guidance on advance planning for incremental reopening, legal and insurance coverage considerations, and the institution of safety measures for both patients and staff.

Legal Issues: Mitigating Losses

Legal guidance to help practices mitigate coronavirus-related losses and return safely to work.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted virtually every American industry. In many instances, state and local shutdown orders have required businesses to close, and even “essential” businesses have encountered difficulties based on workplace safety concerns, failures in supply chains, and reductions in demand resulting from changed customer behaviors and spending habits.

Newsmakers: Telemedicine

Digital platforms are helping aesthetic practices weather coronavirus-related shutdowns—and are likely to see increased use long after the emergency ends.

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting office closures across the country have ushered in broader use of telemedicine in the medical aesthetic arena. Physicians are using a variety of video-based platforms to perform follow-up care and virtual consultations and maintain contact with existing patients.