internal marketing

Practice Management: Internal Marketing

Strategies to increase loyalty and motivate patient referrals.
MedEsthetics Jan/Feb 2020

In business lexicon, internal marketing is the promotion of an organization’s objectives and services to its employees with the goal of improving customer service and creating brand ambassadors. In the service industry, it also refers to the practice of promoting your services to existing (versus prospective) clients to increase loyalty and motivate referrals. Combining both of these efforts is key to practice growth.

In-House Marketing

Promoting your services to your existing patient base is one of the most effective avenues for practice growth, and it involves much more than signage and mailing lists.
In-House  Marketing

Practices and medspas spend a great deal of time and money reaching out to prospective patients through Internet marketing and local print, radio and television advertising. But in-house marketing is, by far, the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to grow a cosmetic practice.