InMode Announces Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

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InMode, a provider of aesthetic medical devices, has announced it will present a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy in its annual 20-F filing, to report the company's sustainable practices as it continues to expand into new communities and markets.

InMode's CSR strategy aims to positively impact the local economy, increase stakeholder engagement and position the organization towards long-term success. 

The company chose to report on the topics of Product Safety and Supply Chain Management to reflect the focus on manufacturing and delivering high-quality, and safe, medical devices. The report will also highlight InMode's impact on the local economies in government-designated development areas, where the it works with contract suppliers and critical subtractors.  

"InMode's suite of noninvasive and minimally invasive aesthetic and wellness devices eliminates the need for chemicals or excisional surgery using anesthesia, which decreases a patient's downtime. Our procedures are performed in the privacy of physician clinics and improve a patient's self-confidence and well-being. We have always provided patients with a significant, safe, and visible enhancement to their quality of life," said Moshe Mizrahy, InMode's CEO. "Now we have decided to define a CSR strategy across our organization to develop sustainable relationships with all of the stakeholders that we impact." 

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