Sebacia Microparticles Promoted as Contrast Enhancing Agents

Histopathology showing microparticles in skin

Sebacia, the developer of Sebacia Microparticles, which are being investigated for use in acne and laser hair removal, presented new data on the feasibility of using the microparticles as an adjunct to existing imaging modalities to measure hair follicles and sweat glands during the 2018 American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) conference in April.

Sebacia Completes Enrollment in Pivotal U.S. Clinical Trial for Severe Acne

Sebacia has announced completion of enrollment in the U.S. randomized pivotal clinical trial investigating the use of the Sebacia Acne Treatment System, an investigational device that combines gold microparticles and laser energy to target acne. The gold microparticles are designed to be used with existing dermatologic lasers to heat the sebaceous glands and follicles.

Sebacia Appoints New VP

Pedro Medrano has accepted the position of vice president of engineering and program management at Sebacia. He will lead commercialization readiness for the Sebacia Treatment, a potential new in-office acne treatment that combines hair removal lasers with Sebacia Gold Microparticles to destroy sebaceous glands.