International Physicians Honored

L’Oréal, parent company of LaRoche-Posay, and Galderma joined forces to honor civic-minded physicians at the International Awards for Social Responsibility in Dermatology, held during the 22nd World Congress of Dermatology in Seoul, South Korea. The awards were created to highlight and reward five community projects from five geographic zones—Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa. The honorees each received a $15,000 grant to continue their work. They are:
• Dr. Claudia Hernandez, Chicago, for Increasing Opportunistic Melanoma Surveillance in Underserved Hispanic Communities. The program aims to increase early diagnosis and treatment of melanoma in underserved Hispanic populations.
• Dr. Hakima Benchikhi, Morocco, for Global Care of Skin Diseases, a project that aims to provide suitable assistance to patients with no means to treat their chronic skin diseases. The initiative offers free medical care and donation of drugs for patients.
• Dr. Lonabel Encarnacion, Philippines, for Community Skin Health Program, a program that raises awareness of skin diseases and improves management of skin diseases in underserved communities.
• Professor Carlo Gelmetti, Italy, for The School of Atopy: A Multitarget Project. Its goals are to spread knowledge about atopic dermatitis and the associated diseases, especially for patients and their families.
• Professor Samuel Mandelbaum, Brazil, for DermaCamp—Social Integration and Quality of Life for Children with Severe Skin Diseases.

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