Aesthetics Innovation
A new one-day networking event will bring together industry executives, physicians and investors to share knowledge and support innovation.

A new event geared toward driving and fostering innovation in the medical aesthetics industry will take place on April 25, 2018, in conjunction with The Aesthetics Meeting in New York City.

The Aesthetics Innovation Summit will bring industry executives, physicians and investors together for networking and discussion on current market trends. “We want to create an opportunity for the industry to...


Aesthetics Innovation

A new event geared toward driving and fostering innovation in the medical aesthetics...

Pre-employment personality testing

Your practice is growing and you are hiring. But as you peruse the stack of resumes,...

Understanding Employe Leave Laws

Suppose your front office manager asked for a leave of absence to care for an ailing...

Choosing the right device for permanent hair reduction

The desire to remove excess hair has been part of the human condition as far back as...


Neck and Decollete Treatment

Alastin Restorative Neck Complex with TriHex Technology was specifically...

Neck Rejuvenation Treatment

Revision Skincare’s new Nectifirm ADVANCED targets the microbiome of the...

Nd:YAG picosecond laser

The PICOCARE from Wontech is a picosecond Nd:YAG laser featuring two...

Salicylic acid treatment

Formulated to clear blemishes and improve acne-prone skin, dm Skincare...


Facebook Ad Leads
By Angela (Miller) Hamilton, Facebook Marketing Expert at ReachLocal With more than 1.71 billion active users on Facebook, social media advertising is an important way for medspas and medical practices to reach local consumers online. Most facilties have a company page and perhaps purchase a few...
Addressing Employee Tardiness
By Paul Edwards, CEO of CEDR HR Solutions There’s nothing more maddening than knowing your patients are due to arrive at your door at any moment, but because one or more of your employees STILL hasn’t shown up for work, you won’t be able to take the patients back right away. Despite the many...
Nanofat Grafting Improves Scarring and Skin Quality

Nanofat grafting softens scars, reduces skin discoloration and makes wrinkles less prominent, according to a new Swiss study by Semra Uyulmaz, MD, et al, published in Aesthetic Surgery (April 2018).

The researchers treated 52 patients—40 scars plus six patients with wrinkles and six patients with discoloration—using nanofat grafts prepared by a standard emulsification and filtration protocol. The liquid was injected intradermally or directly into scar tissue, wrinkles or dispigmented areas. Three physicians compared and analyzed standardized pre- and posttreatment photographs. Patient satisfaction was also documented.

Post-treatment follow-up was 155 ± 49 days and the average volume of harvested fat was 165cc (taken from the abdomen and flanks). The volume of nanofat injected ranged from 1 to 25mL (mean, 4.6mL). Clinical evaluations at follow-up showed a marked improvement in scar quality, which included softening of the scars, a reduction in skin discoloration and a decrease in the depth and appearance of wrinkles; patients reported high satisfaction with the procedure.

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Survey Says: Do Not Ignore Long Wait Times

If you have ever wondered how important wait times are to your patients, a new report from Vitals, a company that educates consumers on healthcare decisions, may shed some light. The 9th Annual Vitals Wait Times Report revealed that 84 percent of patients rate wait times as “somewhat important” or “very important” to the overall experience at a doctor’s office; 30 percent of respondents reported they’ve walked out of an appointment due to long waits; and 1 in 5 have changed doctors because of long wait times.

According to the company, the importance of wait time can be seen in the correlation between the amount of time a patient waits and a doctor’s average rating on its website. Physicians with five-star ratings had, on average, 13-minute, 17 second wait times. Doctors with a one-star rating had a wait time average of 34 minutes, 11 seconds.

What do people do as they wait for their doctors? Forty-four percent said they look at their phones or other electronic devices; 55 percent said they browse through the stacks of magazines in waiting rooms.

Results of the report are compiled from patient-reported wait times from 2008 through the end of 2017 and 675 online respondents to a March...

Personalized Skincare Startup Named J&J Innovation Finalist

Johnson & Johnson Innovation has chosen EpigenCare, a personalized skincare startup company, as a finalist in its Digital Beauty Quickfire Challenge. The challenge is designed to identify, recognize and support the most innovative and future-forward digital beauty solutions.

EpigenCare has developed a direct-to-consumer skincare test that assesses the current state of one’s skin by looking at epigenetic markers associated with quality indicators such as aging, elasticity, moisture and pigmentation. The company is also developing a complementary digital platform that skincare companies can use to match their existing products to consumers’ personalized needs. The matching process will utilize a recommendation algorithm based on the epigenetic effects of product ingredients on the tested epigenetic markers of the consumer’s skin.

“True innovation doesn’t just elevate product experiences and outcomes—it challenges the very definition of skin care itself,” said Sebastien Guillon, president of global beauty, Johnson & Johnson Consumer. “The next beauty tech disrupters are out there, and this challenge will help us identify the most promising potential partners in the co-creation of meaningful, future-forward...

ASDS Honored With 14 MarCom Awards

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) and American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA) were recognized with 14 awards—including three Platinums—in the 2015 MarCom Awards.

The MarCom Awards competition is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, selecting winners “whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.” The 2015 competition received about 6,500 entries representing more than a dozen countries.

The Platinum Award—MarCom’s top honor—was presented to ASDS in three categories: Currents... more »

Cellfina Available in US

Merz Aesthetics has begun commercial shipment of the Cellfina System, indicated for long-term improvement in the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thighs, to aesthetic practices in the U.S.

Cellfina combines proprietary technology with minimally invasive subcision to treat the primary structural cause of dimpled cellulite. Results of the procedure last at least two years—in clinical trials, patient satisfaction with their treatment results improved from 94% at one year to 96% at the two-year mark. The most common side effects reported were soreness, tenderness and bruising... more »

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