Hair Loss Control Clinic Celebrates 25 Years

The Hair Loss Control Clinic celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2011. Today, the company has more than 140 affiliated locations in 28 countries around the world. HLCC began as a provider of professional hair loss products and equipment to the medical industry and has more recently expanded into the salon and spa industries. It offers a multitherapeutic approach to hair loss, manufacturing its own system of oral and topical hair growth nutritionals as well as haircare maintenance products that are specifically formulated for the treatment of hair loss. HLCC also manufactures and distributes low-level laser therapy systems designed to complement other hair loss treatment programs and accelerate hair growth results.
Current president William Blatter purchased the company in 2000 after personally trying the hair loss products that a friend had given him. “Our business philosophy is to arm our professionals with the very best information, products, equipment, technologies and training. Our challenge is to initially attract our clients and business associates. Once they see the quality of our products and our commitment to their success, they are reassured of our dedication,” says Blatter.

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