Suneva Medical Adds Regenerative Medicine Lines

Suneva Medical, maker of permanent dermal filler Artefill, has acquired exclusive United States licensing rights to two physician-dispensed aesthetic product lines from regenerative medicine company Histogen. Under the terms of the license, Suneva Medical will manufacture and market the ReGenica line of topical products to U.S.-based aesthetic practitioners. Histogen will receive royalties on the ReGenica sales as well as a transfer price on the second brand, a proprietary multipotent cell conditioned media (CCM) containing cell-signaling proteins associated with skin renewal and scarless healing such as KGF, Follistatin, stem cell factor, collagens and laminins. “We are very excited about this particular opportunity as the advent of regenerative medicine is upon us,” said Nicholas Teti, chairman and CEO of Suneva Medical ( “One of our key business objectives is to find novel products that complement our rapidly growing dermal filler business. We believe Histogen’s innovative technology coupled with our proven experience of developing and marketing aesthetic products is a winning combination.”

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