Rhonda Allison Launches Education Center

Devin Romero, a national educator for Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals (www.rhondaallison.com) and founder of the The Treatment Room in San Francisco, has opened the Rhonda Allison Education Center—also in San Francisco—to provide continuing education for skincare specialists. The center features a variety of hands-on, interactive classes, including Acne Extractions, Aging Skin – How to Turn Back the Clock, Body Peeling, Spa Treatments and Cocktail Hour – Learning to Customize and Mix Skin Care Products.
“I want to take aesthetics to the next level by bringing professionals together to interact, share and grow by expanding their knowledge of advanced skin care,” said Romero. “My goal for the Center is to help fellow skin professionals advance their careers, while allowing them to experience the culture and passion behind R

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