MELA Sciences Presents New Data on MelaFind

MelaFind, a noninvasive diagnostic skin imaging device, can increase melanoma detection rates of resident dermatologists, according to research presented by MELA Sciences at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology in Miami.
The study, led by Drs. Jane A. Yoo and Darrel S. Rigel asked 121 resident dermatologists to evaluate 24 pigmented lesions that had previsously been analyzed by MelaFind. Biopsy performance results were compared before and after using the device’s “high” or “low” disorganization score. Prior to factoring in results from MelaFind, dermatology residents’ biopsy sensitivity was 57%. After reviewing MelaFind results, sensitivity improved to 77%. The results, combined with data from a similar study of attending dermatologists, showed that using MelaFind can significantly improve the melanoma detection rates of dermatologists at any experience level.

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