Merz Provides Educational Grant for Derm In-Review

Merz North America has stepped in with an educational grant to ensure that the national Derm In-Review training program will remain available to residents preparing for their Board certifying exams.

“As a company committed to the future of dermatology and educational opportunities for members of the specialty, Merz is proud to offer this educational grant to Derm In-Review,” said Jim Hartman, vice president, Aesthetics and OTC for Merz North America. “We look forward to a continued partnership with this iconic program.”

Educational Testing and Assessment Systems (ETAS) developed the program. “Over the past decade we have seen the Derm In-Review program flourish as the uncontested ‘go-to’ for Board prep in dermatology,” said Shelley Tanner, president of ETAS. “I am very happy that Merz has provided an educational grant to make the continuation of that legend possible. We are thrilled to be working with a company whose ideals, in terms of elevating dermatology education, are aligned with our own.”
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