Phil Simms Joins AAD To Tackle Skin Cancer in Men

Former New York Giants quarterback and CBS Sports analyst Phil Simms is teaming up with the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) to launch SPOT me, a campaign that will educate Americans about their risk for skin cancer and specifically encourage men of all ages to make skin health a priority by getting regular skin cancer screenings from a board certified dermatologist.

Simms understands the importance of getting screened. In 2010, he was diagnosed with skin cancer and has undergone multiple treatments to remove skin cancers on his face, head and ears.

“Like most men, I resisted going to the doctor until my daughter encouraged me to have my skin checked, and I was lucky my skin cancers were diagnosed early and effectively treated,” says Simms. “Since then, I get regular screenings and make sure my family—especially my two sons—do the same. I want to encourage men of all ages to talk to their family members and friends, be proactive with their skin health and most importantly, get screened for skin cancer.”

Simms and the AAD are working with three professional football teams to spread the word about the risks of skin cancer and provide free skin cancer screenings to the public. The screenings will take place during summer training camps, family events and game days, including:

  • Atlanta Falcons Training Camp: Week One (July 25-27)
  • Chicago Bears pre-season fan event (August 2)
  • Dallas Cowboys Home Opener Game (September 7) and Cowboys Rally Day (September 8)

To learn more about the campaign and to find free skin cancer screenings in your area, visit

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