ASPS Joins ITN and ABC in Launch of Plastic Surgery News Program

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has joined forces with television network ITN and ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions to create a dedicated news program on plastic surgery. National newsreader Page Hopkins will anchor the program and introduce interviews with key players in both the cosmetic and reconstructive sides of plastic surgery.

The aim of the program, according to the ASPS, is to delve deeper into the issues affecting the industry and bring them to life with a look at innovative ways of ensuring patient safety, collaborating with other parts of healthcare and framing future research in plastic surgery. The program will also look at the stigmas attached to surgery, and the positive ways in which the sector is contributing to people’s lives—particularly after serious accidents or life-threatening illness.

ITN Productions and ABC’s Lincoln Square Studios have commissioned the news program. Simon Shelley, director of programming at ITN Productions, will oversee the editorial. “We’re delighted to be partnering with the ASPS, creating a voice on the major themes in plastic surgery, but most of all ensuring that the scope of the specialty and the effect it has on people’s lives is understood,” said Shelley.

The program will be premiered at Plastic Surgery, The Meeting, which takes place October 10-14 in Chicago. There is an opportunity for organizations with relevant content to feature in the program. For more information, contact Simon Shelley, [email protected].

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