Aurora Diagnostics Joins ETAS To Improve Derm In-Review Content

Aurora Diagnostics, a specialized laboratory company that provides diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information and services to the healthcare community, is partnering with Educational Testing and Assessment Systems (ETAS) to improve the content of ETAS’ Derm-In-Review program. For the past 11 years, Derm In-Review (made possible by an educational grant from Merz) has prepared more than 9,500 residents nationwide for Board certifying exams, including the subspecialty exam in dermatopathology.

Planned enhancements to Derm In-Review include a revised chapter in the 2014/2015 Study Guide, an expanded image bank on the website and app—which will include higher-resolution slides—and an eNewsletter featuring a dermpath image of the month. Accessible through, these optimizations are launching throughout 2014.

"For over a decade we have offered quality dermpath study tools; by teaming-up with Aurora Diagnostics and their panel of experts, we will have the resources to take our dermpath resources to the next level," said Shelley Tanner, president and CEO of ETAS.

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