Milestone Scientific To Launch New Neurotoxin Delivery Instrument

Milestone Scientific, a developer of computerized drug delivery instruments, is planning to introduce a cosmetic injection instrument for delivery of botulinum toxins. The wireless electronic device, which uses comfort speed technology already available for dental Novocain injections, offers precise dosing with less pain upon injection. It includes a touchscreen interface and integrated electronic record-keeping capability.

“There is a large and growing market for botulinum toxin injections globally, with over 8.4 million botulinum toxin injections annually in the U.S. alone. Recognizing this opportunity, we set out to develop a product concept and conducted a cosmetic injection instrument feasibility study to determine professional interest in a new cosmetic injection system,” said Leslie Bernhard, chairman and interim CEO of Milestone Scientific. “We proceeded with the development of a new cosmetic injection instrument that allows the clinician to inject accurate doses with the precision of a stylus pen that is designed for comfort and superior tactile feel. Each injection is verified with audible sound feedback confirming unit dose and each injection is documented with an electronic record.”

The company has completed the design process and a series of multi-state human studies with targeted customers. “Based on the positive outcome, we are moving forward aggressively towards the commercial launch of our cosmetic instrument, starting first in Europe. Shortly thereafter, we plan to launch the product in the U.S. and across Asia,” said Bernhard.

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