A Single Entry Injection Method for Facial Volume Replacement

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Soft tissue fillers are popular and effective tools for replacing lost volume in the face. The most common adverse event is bruising, particularly in patients who require injections to multiple areas. In an effort to reduce filler-related bruising, Hasan Galadari, MD, and Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda, MD, have developed a technique that allows practitioners to fill the cheek and tear trough through a single entry point injection site.

The Redka-Galadari point is an anatomical safe zone located by following a perpendicular line from the lateral canthus to 1cm-2cm below the orbital rim. From this entry point, filler can be deposited throughout the cheek and tear trough area. Drs. Galadari and Redka-Swoboda published the technique in the December 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

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