MDacne Launches Mobile Acne Analysis App With Customizable Skincare Line

MDacne App and Kit

Dermatologist Yoram Harth, MD, and his son, Oded Harth, a software engineer, have launched MDacne, a mobile acne analysis app that ties into a customized acne treatment product line.

Users who download the app can take a picture of themselves on their mobile devices. The platform then uses proprietary computer vision technology to assess the user’s skin and recommends a customized kit of anti-acne topicals. MDacne subscribers can chat with a dermatologist through the app, track their skin's improvement, and read free tips on how to reduce breakouts.

“Most people with acne can't afford a dermatologist visit and therefore try to treat their acne with randomly chosen, off-the-shelf products,” said Dr. Harth. “Many of these products can irritate their skin or are simply ineffective. Using the MDacne app, we can provide our users with products that are customized to treat their specific skin types and acne conditions. We believe that personalizing over-the-counter acne medications to a user’s unique skin condition will be more efficient and less irritating than current online, TV and retail ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions.”

Image: MDacne App and Kit

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