Personalized Skincare Startup Named J&J Innovation Finalist

EpigenCare Collection Kit

Johnson & Johnson Innovation has chosen EpigenCare, a personalized skincare startup company, as a finalist in its Digital Beauty Quickfire Challenge. The challenge is designed to identify, recognize and support the most innovative and future-forward digital beauty solutions.

EpigenCare has developed a direct-to-consumer skincare test that assesses the current state of one’s skin by looking at epigenetic markers associated with quality indicators such as aging, elasticity, moisture and pigmentation. The company is also developing a complementary digital platform that skincare companies can use to match their existing products to consumers’ personalized needs. The matching process will utilize a recommendation algorithm based on the epigenetic effects of product ingredients on the tested epigenetic markers of the consumer’s skin.

“True innovation doesn’t just elevate product experiences and outcomes—it challenges the very definition of skin care itself,” said Sebastien Guillon, president of global beauty, Johnson & Johnson Consumer. “The next beauty tech disrupters are out there, and this challenge will help us identify the most promising potential partners in the co-creation of meaningful, future-forward skin solutions.”

You can learn more about the finalists at

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