Liposuction Risk Assessment Tool Unveiled

Lipo Calculator

A new mobile app may help improve liposuction outcomes by calculating individual patient characteristics and risk factors to reveal the maximum amount of fat that should be aspirated. Olivier A. Deigni, MD, and Henry A. Mentz, MD, presented the The Lipo Calculator as a poster at the 2018 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conference in New York City. The Liposuction Calculator uses a formula to determine the maximum aspirated fat (Fmax) based on patient weight (W), patient height (H) and adjusted risk (Radj) using the equation:

Fmax = (W/20)(H)(Radj)

The input variables for adjusted risk include: surgeon experience, patient age, medical history, number of areas to be treated, estimated OR time, other combined procedures, and variables known to be associated with elevated deep thrombosis risk. For more information, visit

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