CareCredit Expands To Spa Market

Patient-financing company CareCredit is expanding its services into the day spa and medical spa markets. As part of this new program, CareCredit has partnered with the American Med Spa Association and the Spa Industry Association to help spa industry professionals make their services more accessible to clients by offering financing and also by expanding their potential client bases to CareCredit’s 11 million existing cardholders.

“Day and medical spas are an attractive growth segment for CareCredit. We’re excited to join this growing market and help spas grow their businesses by offering an easy way to make treatments and services more accessible for their clients,” says Dave Fasoli, CEO, CareCredit. “CareCredit helps people care for themselves and focus on their overall wellbeing, while also helping small business owners offer more payment options which, in turn, gives them more peace of mind while helping them meet their ambitions of growing their businesses.”

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