Sebacia Acquires Sienna Photoparticles and Introduces New CEO

Chuck Abraham is the new CEO of Sebacia, maker of Sebacia Microparticles. Abraham previously served as CEO of OraMetrix, which developed 3D technology solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of orthodontic care, and held leadership roles at eMerge Interactive, Nellcor Puritan Bennett and General Electric Medical Systems.

Sebacia recently acquired all assets related to Sienna Biopharmaceuticals’ SNA-001 (silver photoparticle technology). The acquisition includes all related intellectual property owned or licensed by Sienna as well as the 510(k) application for light hair removal, which was submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2019. It also enables Sebacia to resolve the outstanding patent interference litigation between The General Hospital Corporation (GHC, the owner of certain patents licensed by Sebacia) and Sienna Biopharmaceuticals.

“This acquisition enables Sebacia to secure Sienna’s silver photoparticle intellectual property (IP), effectively resolving all existing patent conflicts with Sienna, while also establishing Sebacia as a leader in the use of microparticles and laser energy in dermatology,” said Abraham. “Consolidating the IP within Sebacia allows us to move forward and focus on making our innovative gold microparticle treatment for acne available to dermatologists and their patients and gives us an even deeper pipeline of potential additional indications."

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