Plastic Surgeon Launches PA Clinical Rotation Program

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Beverly Hills Physicians is now offering clinical rotation opportunities to students in MPAS (Masters in Physician Assistant Studies) programs from area colleges and universities.

Beverly Hills Physicians is a health and beauty medical group based in Greater Los Angeles, offering a full range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

Participating educational institutions include the University of the Pacific Health Sciences and Southern California University of Health Sciences.

This clinical rotation program will allow physician assistants in training to work alongside surgeons and other medical professionals to obtain in-depth, hands on, real-world experience in operating rooms.

“We believe that the next generation of physician assistants needs the best and most complete training possible,” said Kevin Hayavi, MD, medical director and managing partner at Beverly Hills Physicians. “PAs are becoming an increasingly important part of the healthcare community. The need for highly trained medical personnel is growing very fast as the number of patients increases. As licensed practitioners who can provide many of the same services as MDs, they are filling a growing niche in all areas of health care."

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