Skin Care: Next-Generation Sonic Cleansing

Next-Generation Sonic Cleansing

Offer patients a customized skin-cleansing regimen with the new Clarisonic Smart Profile Sonic Cleansing Brush. The brush features a radiofrequency identification (RFID) communication chip pre-programmed with specific protocols that send information to the device and instruct it how to operate, adjusting speed, frequency and cleansing time for specific areas of the face. The Smart Profile also includes a new turbo function for an even more powerful cleanse, and a sensor that tells the user when it’s time to replace the brush head. The full kit includes the Smart Profile Sonic Cleansing Device, 2-in-1 Dynamic Facial Brush Head, Turbo Massage Body Brush Head, Drying Stand, p-Link charger, and two Clarisonic cleansers. Contact: 888.525.2747,

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