Research Grants Awarded

Two researchers were awarded grants of $10,000 each during this year’s American Academy of Dermatology Meeting in New Orleans through the LaRoche-Posay North American Foundation. Thanh Nga Tran, MD, from Harvard Medical School was awarded for her project, “Preventing Growth of Hemangioma Tumors in Newborns--A Prospective Randomized Clinical Study.” Kathryn O’Reilly, MD, of NYU’s Langone Medical Center was awarded for her project, “The Role of the Hedgehog Stem Cell Pathway in Melanoma.” Each research abstract submitted was evaluated by members of the LaRoche-Posay North American Scientific Committee. Members include: Anthony Benedetto, DO; Boni Elewski, MD; Robert Kirsner, MD, PhD; Paul Nghiem, MD; Julie Powell, MD; and Daniel Schachter, MD.

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