Wound Healing Gel LumiHeal Receives CE Mark

LumiHeal, a topical photo-converter gel from KLOX Technologies, has received CE mark approval in Europe as a Class 2b medical device for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. The gel is part of KLOX’s noninvasive BioPhotonic platform, which promotes wound healing by combining the photo-converter topical with a multi-LED light to stimulate the synergistic effects of oxidants and photons.

The company anticipates independently commercializing LumiHeal in Europe in 2015. “With this regulatory approval in hand, we intend to focus our financial and human resources on independently commercializing and realizing the value of our promising wound care franchise as part of a multi-billion dollar global market,” said Lise Hébert, president and CEO of KLOX. “We believe that our treatment will represent a much-awaited solution for patients suffering from acute and chronic wounds, while also helping to reduce the cost of treatments which currently represents a large financial burden to the global healthcare system.”

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