Nonablative RF Treatments Increase Skin Elasticity

Nonablative RF Devices Improve Skin Elastciity

At three months post-treatment, patients who underwent nonablative radiofrequency (RF)-based procedures had better skin elasticity when compared to baseline. Researchers Anna Erkiert-Polguj, MD, PhD, et al, of the Medical University of Lodz in Lodz, Poland, treated 30 women (43 to 68 years of age) with nonablative RF (four sessions at two-week intervals). Biomechanical properties of the skin were analyzed at baseline and three months post-treatment using a cutometer. Results showed a statistically significant improvement in elasticity between measurements taken at baseline and three months postprocedure.

The study was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (online June 25, 2018).

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