Malin Akerman Is the New U.S. Ambassador for CoolSculpting

Malin Akerman Cs 0126

Malin Akerman is the new U.S. Ambassador for the Allergan Aesthetics Body Contouring Portfolio. This partnership will educate consumers on body contouring options and encourage them to “Shape Your Moment" with CoolSculpting and CoolTone.  

Akerman is the first Allergan Aesthetics body contouring partner representing both CoolSculpting and CoolTone, the latest treatment in the portfolio used to strengthen, tone and firm the abdomen, buttocks and thigh muscles. As part of her partnership, Akerman will appear in marketing materials, digital advertising and on CoolSculpting social channels, as well as participate in public relations activities, where she will share her body contouring journey.

“CoolSculpting was a treatment I had been researching before this opportunity presented itself,” said Akerman. “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to speak to experts in body contouring. For me, it was important to maintain the figure I have now, while shaping and contouring those trouble areas that have bugged me for quite some time now. Like any working woman, I have a lot to juggle daily. On top of that, I do my best to eat right and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, but even so, I have some stubborn areas of fat just won’t budge and muscle groups I would like to tone and strengthen.”

“People want nonsurgical options to reduce fat and tone muscle. In fact, over 4 million people are considering noninvasive body contouring treatments within the next year,” says Carrie Strom, senior vice president, AbbVie and president, Global Allergan Aesthetics. “We’re pleased to have Malin Akerman as the first U.S. ambassador for our body contouring portfolio to provide education and a first-hand look at the results that our proven treatments can provide.”

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