Pop Icon Joe Jonas is the New Xeomin Brand Partner for Merz Aesthetics

Joe Jonas, international pop icon, songwriter and actor, will be the face of the new 'Beauty on Your Terms' campaign.
Joe Jonas, international pop icon, songwriter and actor, will be the face of the new "Beauty on Your Terms" campaign.

International pop icon, songwriter and actor Joe Jonas is joining Merz Aesthetics, the world’s largest dedicated medical aesthetics business, as the new Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA) brand partner. This is the first time Jonas has partnered with an aesthetic brand, with the partnership launching the new “Beauty on Your Terms” campaign for Xeomin. Xeomin, a double-filtered anti-wrinkle injection, is designed to temporarily improve the appearance of wrinkles without any unnecessary added ingredients.

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“Making the decision to have an aesthetic treatment was really about self-care and looking and feeling like the best version of myself,” said Jonas. “As I explored options with my doctor, it was important to me to understand exactly what was in a product before I am treated with it. That’s one of the main reasons Xeomin has become a complement to my skincare treatment regimen. It provides me with consistent results for my frown lines without any unnecessary ingredients.”

The Merz Aesthetics multi-channel “Beauty on Your Terms” campaign includes unique content and experiential activations that are creatively integrated to reach consumers wherever they are. Jonas will be joining the mission to empower men and women to embrace beauty on their terms.

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“Joe Jonas epitomizes what it means to live with confidence,” said Patrick Urban, Merz Aesthetics president, North America. “As one of biggest pop culture icons today, we are excited to partner with him as we aim to inspire women and men everywhere to prioritize self-care and embrace the freedom to make their own aesthetic decisions.”

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