How Probiotics are Advancing Skin Health Science

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Fermented ingredients are a popular trend in skin care.
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Balancing the microbiome using probiotics and fermented ingredients is a major trend emerging in skin care. In MedEsthetics’ September issue, we detailed the benefits of the fermentation process, specifically with mushrooms, in skin care products.

Fermentation is a metabolic process that produces chemical changes in organic substances through the action of enzymes. Biofermented mushrooms are mushrooms that have been put through a fermentation process using different strains of microorganisms and can penetrate deeper than regular mushrooms, resulting in more potent and effective skin care products.

Probiotic skin care uses live microorganisms to improve skin health. According to Medical News Today, probiotics have been used since the beginning of the 20th century when Louis Pasteur discovered them as the source of fermentation in foods such as yogurt. In the human body, probiotics make up part of the microbiome, which is the collection of microorganisms that naturally inhabit the digestive tract, skin and other parts of the body.

When combined properly, probiotics increase the number of beneficial bacteria to restore equilibrium of the skin’s microbiome ecosystem and natural defenses. Prebiotics fuel probiotic growth and help them thrive, while postbiotics, by-products of the fermentation process caused by the interaction between probiotics and the skin’s microbiome, work synergistically to restore and support skin health, youthfulness and radiance.

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