The French Connection: Discover endermologie® for Aesthetic Practices


Since 1986, the French LPG® Group has developed medical devices for body sculpting and age-defying treatments using its proprietary technique, endermologie®.

endermologie® is a proprietary technique that is widely used in combination with medical aesthetics and surgical procedures to relaunch cellular activity before and after procedures.

"To date, the LPG® portfolio of technologies are still 100% made in France. With over 165 clinical studies to date, and 187 patents registered around the world, we have met and exceeded the needs of today’s modern providers and their patients with the development of safe, innovative, and versatile technology that addresses what patients are seeking today," says Michel Perdiguero, General Manager, LPG® America.

endermologie® continues to be a very popular treatment for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic practices and medical spas around the world to offer their clients and patients. Sofie Libessart, owner of Clinique Libessart in Miami, FL, has had a long and prosperous experience with LPG® technology. "I have been practicing endermologie® since the introduction of the first LPG® machine in the U.S. and have remained loyal to this treatment ever since. Over the years, I have consistently upgraded our equipment to include the latest innovations. Currently, I use the most recent model Cellu M6 Alliance® which delivers superior results and is easy to operate for practitioners. This ongoing evolution makes it a staple of our medspa offerings that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients for effective and comfortable treatments."

She continues, "endermologie® continues to be a very popular treatment among my clients seeking noninvasive solutions for body sculpting and skin toning. From my experience, it consistently delivers positive outcomes, notably improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of cellulite. It seamlessly integrates into the service offerings of medspas because it complements other aesthetic treatments and caters to the growing demand for minimal downtime procedures. This therapy not only enhances body contours but also significantly boosts client satisfaction and loyalty by providing visible, tangible results."

The Contour Room™ features three locations in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles and Agoura Hills, California. Partners Aleksandra Turlure and Rola Titizian have been long proponents of the value of endermologie ® systems for their clients.

"We receive so many heartwarming testimonials from out cherished clients who share their positive experiences with our treatments. It is very rewarding to be able to deliver results that make a difference for them."

  • "After each session, I feel lighter and rejuvenated. The lymphatic drainage has been incredibly beneficial for my overall well-being."
  • "I’ve seen a significant reduction in cellulite and dimpling on my legs, which has greatly boosted my confidence."
  • "These treatments have helped me slim down and feel more comfortable in my body, particularly during preand post-menopausal changes."

"These results reflect the satisfaction and happiness of our clients following their treatments with endermologie®. It is immensely gratifying to witness the positive impact we’re making on their lives," she says.

After over three decades of expertise and scientific research, LPG® has created a new patent to control all these natural mechanisms in a single treatment. Our newest innovation features treatment heads designed to send signals to the cells to deliver unprecedented results.

According to New York City plastic surgeon Kevin Tehrani, M.D., "I identified an unmet need in my practice for patients who are seeking a versatile and comfortable treatment that offers a wide range of benefits without side effects, downtime or damage to their skin. When I learned about LPG® America’s Cellu M6 Alliance® system, I recognized the potential benefits and results we could offer our aesthetic patients."

Acting simultaneously to release localized fat and improve skin quality, the new LPG® patented roller and motorized flap acts directly on the adipocytes present in our hypodermis and on the fibroblasts in our dermis. This 360° treatment stimulates cells to help fibroblasts boost collagen production, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which are naturally present in our skin.

"By stimulating the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity, endermologie® treatments offer a wide range of medical, beauty, and wellness benefits. We are taking a consumer-centric approach while working closely with our partners to develop a range of head-to-toe therapies using mechanical stimulation for those seeking a functional holistic approach," says Perdiguero.

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