Celluma Offers 13 Low-Touch Devices for Spa and Home Care

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No matter what top trend survey you look at lately, low/no-touch services are at the top of the list. Clients are looking for safe and effective services they can enjoy at the spa and at home. With 13 different models for home and spa use, Celluma Light Therapy has the most versatile and affordable panels on the market today with devices for every skin care need including acne, wrinkles and pain.

For professional use, the Celluma PRO is the gold standard and the most award-winning panel on the market. The PRO is the original 3-mode, fully flexible and shape-taking LED light panel (emitting blue, red and near-infrared wavelengths) that addresses acne, anti-aging and pain management. It’s also now available as a battery-powered option, the iPRO, so you can take your treatments anywhere. 

Other popular 3-mode panels include the Celluma LITE/iLITE, a slightly smaller version of our PRO panel, and our Celluma POD, the equally powerful handheld that is perfect to retail to those wanting a convenient and affordable home light therapy option. 

Ideal for skin professionals as well as for home use, the Celluma SKIN is the perfect 2-mode LED light therapy device for skin-related concerns such as wrinkles and acne. Equally powerful but smaller in size than the Celluma SKIN, the FACE is an economical 2-mode device is perfect to treat skin conditions including acne and wrinkles. If you are treating specific skin issues, the Celluma CLEAR is our acne targeting panel. 

If  head-to-toe LED therapy is what you want, the Celluma DELUX is the first ever portable, space-saving, full-body LED device. The DELUX hangs on the back of a door when not in use and offers all the advantages of a light therapy bed without the space requirement or exorbitant price tag. Aesthetic practitioners can expand menu services and enhance their bottom line with this powerful, rejuvenating device. Ideal for use during facials or alone as a series to treat a variety of skin and pain conditions. 

With new safety standards now in play, our Hygiene Barriers (available for most models) and Face Shields offer you another layer of protection when interacting with clients. There are a variety of benefits in using Celluma Light Therapy devices. 

Celluma Light Therapy Benefits You:

  • Recoup income through our Reseller and Retail Programs.
  • Rent your Celluma to keep clients on protocol.
  • Choose from 13 LED models for clinic and home use.

Celluma Light Therapy Benefits Your Clients:

  • Maintain results between appointments.
  • Affordable options start at just $299.
  • Safe and effective in-home use.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the fantastic options available. To see a complete breakdown of each Celluma device, check out this video: 

Call a Clinical Specialist today to learn more about our retail and reseller programs and get all your questions answered. 


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