Microneedling Reduces Smoking- and Aging-Related Skin Wrinkles

Multiple treatments with an automated microneedling device (Dermapen) significantly reduces wrinkles resulting from both skin aging and smoking, according to a recent study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (December 13, 2018).

Amer Mohamed, MD, et al, treated 40 patients with facial wrinkles (33-60 years of age). The patients were divided into 2 groups: cigarette smokers (Group 1, n=20) and skin aging (n=20). Each underwent six Dermapen treatments spaced two weeks apart with a needle depth of 1mm depth and six passes per area treated. Each pass was delivered in eight directions—vertical, up and down, horizontal, to the right and left, and in both diagonal directions—to ensure an even distribution of the holes. Following treatment, cold saline packs were used to wash out any oozing or pinpoint bleeding and patients were instructed to use a local antibiotic twice daily for two days following treatment and to apply sunscreen prior to sun exposure.

In the skin aging group, improvement in skin texture and tightness was excellent in three patients (15 percent), very good in seven patients (35 percent), good in eight patients (40 percent) and poor in two patients (10 percent). In the cigarette-smoking group, improvement was very good in four patients (50 percent), good in two patients (25 percent) and poor in two patients (25 percent).

In the skin aging group, ten patients were satisfied with treatment (50 percent), eight were somewhat satisfied (40 percent) and two patients were not satisfied (10 percent). In the smoking group, four patients were satisfied (50 percent), two patients were somewhat satisfied (25 percent) and two were not satisfied (25 percent).

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