Almirall Partners With AARS For National Acne Awareness Month

Almirall has joined the American Acne and Rosacea Society (AARS) as a sponsor to help highlight the global health burden of acne during National Acne Awareness Month in June.

The mission of the AARS is to promote, support, develop and provide an educational forum for the exchange of information, to promote clinical research and mentoring opportunities for dermatology healthcare professionals, and to improve the care of patients who suffer from acne and rosacea. The goal of National Acne Awareness Month is to drive interest and knowledge among the next generation of dermatology healthcare providers to better serve these patients.

“As part of our partnership with AARS, Almirall is advancing education and dialogue by being one of the sponsors of this organization,” said Sam Widdicombe, executive director at Almirall U.S. “We are proud of our ongoing assistance and support for the dermatology community, and we believe that these efforts will help stimulate interest and ultimately result in effectively managing acne among emerging specialists so they can better help patients.”

“The global health burden of acne ranks just below that of all dermatosis combined, and above that of psoriasis, which is talked about much more. It's important that we recognize the impact of the disease, and more importantly, we need to ensure patients have access to effective treatments that are covered by insurance companies and payers,” said AARS President Mark Jackson, MD, FAAD. “In addition, in the dermatology community, we encourage innovative companies such as Almirall to develop new treatments for our patients. We are proud to partner with Almirall to encourage new AARS membership and continue their access to education and research opportunities in the future.”

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